Our Vision

Hafa'dai taotao Tinian yan todu taotao Marianas, 


Juanita Mendiola and her running mates Henry, Eric, and Fred appeal to your patience and understanding during this election season, and beg for some moments of your precious time to go through this brochure and familiarize yourselves with the vision that they have embraced to use as their beacon to guide them towards achieving their vision of having a home for all, on the island of Tinian and CNMI.


A home that is safe, clean and beautiful with a self-sustaining, healthy and robust economy, a strong indigenous culture supported by a diverse, skilled self-reliant, healthy and happy community, and a democratic government of the people, by the people, for the people. 


This vision requires critical policy making from which long-term mechanisms are established to facilitate its achievement. They stand ready to stand with you and pursue whatever it takes to acheive this vision for the people of Tinian and CNMI.

It is their hope that the youth and future generation will continually refine and expand the ideas listed and highlighted to fit their current condition and act on effectively responding to their needs.

The following are the foundation of their pursuit to initiate change that are needed in order to inch forward to building our island homes into one of the most desirable place to live instead of one of the worst place to run away from.


Transparency: If successful, they will make sure that all proposed legislation that will hugely affect you, will be published, disseminated, and allow ample time for all of you to review for a public hearing to collect their input. Their decisions will be made based on your input. They will periodically publish all expenditure, including their discretionary and/or stipend funds, for you to review and be informed on how your tax money is being spent.

Legislation: They will review and attempt to amend, repeal and enact laws to ensure that they facilitate, instead of hindering, the progress towards achieving the vision they have for the people. This may include streamlining government operation to prevent duplication and overlapping functions, reduce government operation, salary adjustments base on areas and size of responsibilities, incentives for green energy implementations, legislative teeth to hold departments accountable for failing to fully discharge their duties and responsibilities. They will spend the first two years of their term, if successful, doing these. What meets resistance at legislative level will be brought to you, the people, through initiatives for you to decide. 

Health: They will explore and pursue the most effective way to upgrade the health care system and facilities so that CNMI can extend services to neighboring region and include them in program pools to give all citizens access to a state of the art facility and affordable health care insurance. They will attempt to reduce hospital visits by providing healthy life style opportunities and incentives.

Homesteading: They will work on implementing a land use master plan to determine how far into the future Tinian and CNMI can continue to issue homestead and how the program may be continued without exhausting limited land resources. They will also look for ways to facilitate affordable homestead development options to meet homesteading mandates.

Housing: They will seek to establish tenant rights to ensure that you will enjoy your homes peacefully, are comfortable, and comparable to the price you pay to make a home. They also stablish condemnation standard for abandoned or structures that are not safe for occupancy and owners shall be assisted to bring structures to comply with safety regulations.

Land Use, Infrastructure, Human Resource and Economic Development Master Plan: They will create a task force and seek necessary funding to implement them. The kinds of industry to engage in must be establsihed to provide incentives and encourage youth to pursue training and education to meet the demands of the industries chosen. they will make sure that there is a balance between development and our environment and culture while providing for the expansion of infrastructure without disruption to growth.

People Empowerment: They will seek ways to protect all employees from political coercion and retaliation. People will be set free to exercise their voting rights no matter where they work without suffering any consequences as a result of their choice.

Enabling Legislation and Decentralization: They will seek to give Municipal Councils and Mayors in respective municipalities the authority to legislate and approve laws in matters not preempted by the Federal and CNMI government. They will also attempt to empower resident directors of state agencies to make final decisions on regulating matters relating to their respective agencies within their municipalities.


Thank you for your time, and they ask for all of you to think of ways to help them help you reach this vision for all, including your children and posterity. This is a movement that is new and may be a little or quite a bit uncomfortable or perhaps fearful for many of you but, as our population grows and outside influence continue to shape our community, we, the people, must take the helm into our hands, as owners of our lands, and control our own destiny. 

Maila' ta fan hita yan si Henry Hoscfneider SanNicolas for Mayor, Juanita Masga Mendiola yan Eric Henry Cruz SaniNicolas for Senate yan si Frederick Arend DelaCruz for House of Representative dumirihe yan chumukan mo'na I hafa ta diseseha para hita todu! "Ta na'SINA para TODU". Si Yu'us ma'ase'.


Committee to Elect Henry H. SanNicolas, Juanita M. Mendiola, Eric C. SanNicolas and Frederick A. DelaCruz.